Bandelier National Monument

May 29, 1998
Near Los Alamos, New Mexico

Large kiva in a line of three kivas in the plaza of the village This was a longhouse built along the length o the cliff with several rooms attached to the natural caves. Looking from the village towards the cliff dwellings
One side of the pueblo. View of Tyuonyi village from the cliff Another view of the village
Looking out a cave doorway into the valley below Talus House built against the cliff wall A ladder for tourists to see the inside of the cave kiva.
View along the remains of the long house Carvings in the wall above what would have been the roofs of the dwellings. More hard to see carvings.
Pictograph that has been preserved. It would have been the back wall of a second story dwelling More petroglyphs
A Squirrel Posing squirrel We just liked this squirrel
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