Carlsbad Caverns

May 25, 1998
White City, New Mexico

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Carlsbad Caverns : Whale's Mouth Well, we did not get any literature on these caverns. As you might guess, it is very old and very deep. It takes about three hours to walk completely down to the bottom and then take the elevator to the surface. At every step there is something to oooh and aaah over.

This cavern is very close the to Slaughter Canyon Caverns ,also known as New Cave where paths are still being discovered. Reservations have to be made to go into New Cave, so we didn't go.

Carlsbad Caverns : Columns

Carlsbad Caverns : Cavern EntranceThis is the entrance to the cavern. It is a natural entrance with man made steps and a small amphitheatre for people to watch the bat flights in the evening.

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