Chetro Ketl in Chaco Canyon

May 17, 2006
Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

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Lat - 36o 03' 36.59" north  Long- 107o 57' 15.67" west
Chetro Ketl : Ruins along cliff

Chetro Ketl : Interior wall

Chetro Ketl : kiva exterior

Chetro Ketl was the fifth great house started in the Chaco Canyon complex. Building started soon after Hungo Pavi was started, around 1010. Building continued on until around 1100.

The land that Chetro Ketl is built on was raised above the valley floor by 12 feet. Soil was moved to create the plaza and possibly provide a more imposing ediface.

There is evidence of 15 stages of construction with several influences. There are colonnades, built along the plaza, appear to be the influence of Toltecs from Mexico.

Chetro Ketl : aerial view
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