City of Rocks

May 27, 1998
Near Deming, New Mexico

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City of Rocks : View of surrounding area City of Rocks : Field of the rocks

The City of Rocks is NOT a real city. It is a grouping of rocks (VERY BIG ROCKS) out in the middle of a mesa. The grouping is a result of a volcanic erruption many millions of years ago and soil errosion has left behind the big rocks. These rocks seem to average 15-30 feet in height and vary greatly in width.

The area also has a hot springs due to the old volcanic activity. In the 1850's, the hot springs were discovered by Europeans settling in the west. The Hudson Hot Springs Sanitarium Company built around the location so that travelers could stop and take the waters. The resort became quite famous in the west and stage coaches would stop to allow their passengers to rest and restore their humors. A hotel was built to accomodate 100 guests in 1891 and the hot springs became the Faywood Station. The springs are still active and privately owned.

The City of Rocks was settled between 750 and 1250 by the Mimbres Indians. Many of the rocks show evidence of being used for grinding. Later, Apache Indians settled the area and then the Spanish arrived in the 1500's. Fort Cummings was built in 1804, close enough to protect settlers from Apache's raids. In 1881, a railroad was built in Deming which bypassed the local trails for traveling and the fort was abandoned.

Since then the hot springs and the unusual rock formations have brought out people who wished to camp and enjoy the scenery.

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