Cloudcroft Area

May 27, 1998
Near Cloudcroft, New Mexico

Old railroad bridge

This is an old railroad bridge that can be seen on the road from Alamogordo to Cloudcroft. It seems like it has been there forever.

Looking down the valley

The view point on the south side of the tunnel looks down this valley. There is a small creek that runs at the bottom.

Cloudcroft was developed as a railroad town to transport lumber down into the valley. The first lumber company, Alamogordo Lumber Company, was taken over by Sacramento Mountain Lumber Company in 1916. The railroads are no longer operational and only small lumbering projects can be found.

Lincoln National Forest now surrounds the area and trees are preserved. The forest was orginally established in 1902. Additional land has been added since then. More history of the Lincoln National Forest is available.

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