Giggling Star

May 29, 1998
Jemez Springs, New Mexico

Additional photos

The Giggling Star is a small and charming rental business. They have three cabins of varying sizes available for use. They surround a pool which catches a stream of hot sulphur water.

The hot springs in Jemez Springs has been widely known about for years. The original bath house still sits on the property waiting for renovation. The owners do have plans for it.

The cabin we stayed in had been moved from a small mountain nearby. It was a sheepherders cabin that had been refurbished to include a bathroom. They called it the Double Dipper since it would sleep four people. There was also the Little Dipper (sleeps 2) and the smallest was originally the power plant for the village.

The original building used for the Hot Sulphur Baths. The owners are thinking about refurbishing the building and making it a coffee house.

AND for the people at work.... This is were we spent our night, singing songs under the stars in a lovely pool fed by the hot springs. The Jemez river babbles along one side of the pool and the water is about 105o in the pool.

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