Gran Quivira Mission and Pueblo

May 24,1998
Near Mountainair, New Mexico

This particular room looked like a kiva but is one of the original pit houses used by the Mogollon The other side of the pit house Top of the large house complex in the pueblo
Looking from the second square level into the circular first level Along the edge of one of the plazas in the pueblo This is where they ground the corn. Three stones (metate) were used for increasing the fineness of the grind. Women usually worked in rythm with a flute player providing the tempo.
A kiva close to the first church. The church was probably built here to help convert the people to Christianity. The first church ruins are evident in the background. Looking back at the large mound. The nave of the first church
A wall along the pueblo ruins Rooms along the second church's wall, probably included the corral and several waiting areas. The beginnings of the convento. It was never finished.
A very small cottontail rabbit The priests office Looking from the sacristy towards the entrance to the patio
Living areas A gopher snake crawling up one of the pueblo walls. One of the other excavated mounds.
The largest kiva in the complex. Is is supposed that this kiva was used for large communal gatherings and each of the smallers kivas for family type gatherings. Same kiva, different view Another view of the large kiva
This opening seen here was probably the entrance to the kiva A smaller kiva in the foreground with the large one in the background
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