Hungo Pavi

May 17,2006
Chaco Canyon, New Mexico
Lat - 36o 03' 0.72" north  Long - 107o 54' 43.53" west

Additional photos
Hungo Pavi : wide view of pueblo

Hungo Pavi was started in the 11th century and continued for about 150 years. Lumber was brought to the area from forested areas up to 60 miles away. The sandstone came from the top of the cliff. The remains of a prehistoric stairway connected the Chaco roadways to the top of the mesa.

Hungo Pavi : Prehistoric stairway

Hungo Pavi : Looking north

Hungo pavi : East Wall

The majority of the pueblo is still covered by desert sands and fauna. Hungo Pavi has not been excavated to preserve the remaining ruins. The portions which are visible consist of multiple story buildings which extend above the covered mounds.

Hungo Pavi : overhead view

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