Hungo Pavi

May 17,2006
Chaco Canyon, New Mexico
Lat - 36o 03' 0.72" north  Long - 107o 54' 43.53" west

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Hungo Pavi : pueblo
View of the pueblo from North to south
Hungo Pavi : between walls
along the path between ruin walls
Hungo Pavi : Wall with timber supports
Wall with timber supports
Hungo Pavi : construction detail
Wall construction
Hungo Pavi : a room
A room
Hungo Pavi : Path on east side of wall
Path between wall and cliff
Hungo Pavi : a window in the wall
A window view
Hungo Pavi : East wall looking south
East wall looking south
Hungo Pavi : looking west
View looking west
Hungo Pavi : Wall construction
Wall construction
Hungo Pavi : rock formation
Rock formation where wind has carved divits
Hungo Pavi : two windcarved rocks
Two wind carved rocks
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