Abo Pueblo and San Gregorio Mission

May 24,1998 and August 19, 2005
Near Mountainair, New Mexico

Abo Mission : From visitor center Abo Mission : Back side of mission
Abo Mission across the corral area towards the nave Back side of the Mission. You can see part of the bell tower. Northern wall and the top of the church where the main altar existed.
Abo Mission : view towards the nave Abo Mission : Through baptistry
Looking up the nave towards the main altar. The tallest part of the ruin. Also the one of the side chapels.
Abo Mission : Older pueblo location
Looking through the Baptistry into the nave. There are two unexcavated pueblos in the background with a water hole in the forground
The southwest wall of the church. View from the old wagon trail leading to the mission.
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